Feelings chart

Being able to name and identify your feelings is important in your relationships, work, parenting and life.  In order to do this it helps to building your feeling vocabulary.

Diagram your structure

The PBSP structure map is something you can use after a structure to record the important pieces of your structure. 

Fundamental Human Rights

What is legitimate to expect from others?  What are basic human rights?  

Couples Therapy

(Free 30 minute Consultation)

Have you tried couples counseling and it didn’t help?  Do you think you or your partners issues are impacted by your childhood.  I can help you sort out what is old history and how to treat it so that when you learn new communication skills there is both a heart and head change.  

Grief Management

(Free Consultation)

Dr. Lizz Levang has worked with many types of grief, including miscarriage, loss of loved one, loss of job, marriage, and dreams. 

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You’re stuck, overwhelmed, and tired, and you need help finding your way forward.