Levang Inventory of Family Experiences  (LIFE)

The LIFE is a confidential online assessment that explores our basic childhood developmental needs. These developmental needs were first identified by Al Pesso and Diane Boyden-Pesso and incorporated into their theory of human behavior. These developmental needs are: 

Place and Protection




Loving Limits 

The more these needs are met, the more satisfaction, meaning, pleasure, and connectedness we feel. 

The LIFE assessment determines the impact of your basic needs on your current life. The accompanying report provides an understanding of your past and pinpoints what needs were met or unmet. This detailed information allows you to focus on gaining greater happiness and satisfaction in your life.

The LIFE has several additional learning tools for individuals, families, and groups. These include the Parent Resource Guide, Educator Resource Guide, and a set of interactional learning cards. These materials help to reinforce the new awareness and insights gained from the LIFE.

The LIFE is an ideal tool for couples, parents, teachers, teams, and business leaders. The knowledge gained promotes greater confidence, self-awareness, and healthier communications.